Repairing wood window grille

eagaNovember 29, 2013

One of our wood window grilles broke and I would like to try to repair it. The wood is pine and the manufacturer is Marvin. Can I glue it, and if so what kind of glue should I use? Thanks.

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TiteBond lll(weatherproof).

You will also need to clamp the two pieces together for several hours until the glue sets.

There are several ways to clamp. Mechanical screw/spring clamps, tightly tape the joint with electrical tape(masking tape is not a good choice for several reasons) or even medical tape, or weights set on the joint.

One gotcha, the above glue will also stick to clamps/tape/weights, so using waxed paper around the joint is a good idea. You also need to clean up the squeezed out glue before using the waxed paper and clamps.

The glue allows several minutes(5 or so) to work.

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Thank you very much handymac!

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5 Min Epoxy. Clamp for 10 mins to be on the safe side ;)

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Thank you too, Casey!

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It worked! Now just a dab of paint and it will look as good as before it broke. Thanks again.

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