Pine doors and watco?

gladahmaeNovember 29, 2009

We are in the process of building our first home. I've been lurking on here for a few weeks (usually am in the Garden forum) and I have a few questions.

We are planning on putting waterlox+stain onto pine plank flooring for our first floor dining/living room. We also have pine doors that I would like to finish with some sort of oil (I think) to give it a look similar to the floors, but with a different color. Searching and reading through here, it seems that I should NOT use waterlox for the doors, but should use something like Watco Danish Oil. A home improvement store near us has watco with color stain mixed in (I like 'Cherry') but I'm wondering if anyone has used it on pine and what the results were like as I've also read that stains can shift on pine.

Or, do you recommend something different? We're going for a slightly rustic look (hickory kitchen cabs, pine plank floor, etc) so I don't want my doors to have a shiney and new-looking finish.

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I don't know what you mean by 'shift' but uneven absorption is an issue with pine. Watco products are pretty good, The danish oil in particular. What you might want to do is buy a can of the tinted you like and a can of clear. Wipe on a coat of the clear first, then go with the tinted stuff.

It's better to wipe on numerous thin coats than a few heavy coats too. This process will allow you sort of blend any darker areas that appear out too.

With pine, I've found that it takes about 4-6 coats to get a good even lustre. With the clear too, if you get the tint you want on the third coat, you can always top it off with another layer of clear too.

Of course you can brush it on, it's a bit faster, but wiping it on with a lint-free cloth will give a much more luxurious "look". Since you'll be looking at it for years, it's probably worth the extra hour or so you'll spend wiping it on rather than brushing it on. Less chance for a run to be missed too.

Another tip: Put a lamp without a shade a few feet from the door, but only a few inches further out than the door is. This harsh light will help you spot areas you might miss and runs a LOT easier than if the light is above or behind your work area.

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So essentially, by applying a coat of clear, I'm pre-conditioning the wood, correct?

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Watco clear is about 2/3 mineral spirits, 2/9 boiled linseed oil, and 1/9 varnish. Sounds like a wash coat to me, more or less.

Here is a link that might be useful: conditioners

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Yea, it essentially functions as just for this situation.

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Thank you!!

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