Certainteed, leaking like a seive!

changelingDecember 3, 2007

About 2 years ago I replaced my kitchen window with a Certainteed Corp "Top of there line" window, all options ($250.00). This is a kitchen window that is not large, as you know.

With the window totally closed, it leakes/intakes air like there isn't even a window there!!

Today, Dec 3, 2007 There are wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour in Maryland. Even when it is not gusting the curtains blow out towards the inside!!

I used "foam", when installing the window and "Know" that the air is not coming from around the window! it is coming from between the window and the frame.

Certainteed hasn't answered my emails!! Can you guys tell me how to fix this situation?


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No expert comments? Any comments?

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It sound like, either the sash weatherstripping is missing or the side frame is bowed out. This can happen due to an incomplete or sloppy install. Take a straight edge and place it on the jambs to see if their bowed. If they are, do the following.
On most vinyl windows there is a screw midway up each of the side jambs that you need to set to stabilize this flexible material. Screw it clockwise until the bracket makes contact with the interior wood frame. Adjust it until the jamb is straight. Do the same on the other side. Test the sashes for smooth operation. If they bind a little, back off the screw a little on each side.
To check if the weatherstripping is there, tilt in the sashes. There should be this fuzzy stripping on all 4 sides of the exterior sash face. If it's missing, contact Certainteed and have them send it to you. If you can't install it unless you disassemble the sashes, have them install it under warranty.

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Ron, I'll check these things right away and get back to you.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes

If the bulb seal on the bottom of the bottom sash is too short, it will create a tunnel effect for air to rush up the jamb and exit around the tilt latches.

Be sure to check the bulb seal. It should fit snugly between the jambs when sash is closed. That is one faulty item on most Certainteed windows.


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brushworks/Michael, I am a little unsure of what you call "Bulb Seal". Could you explain a little more, sorry, but I am not getting it. How do I check?

The more information the better, I'm not at home (forgot to mention) but when I get there (if the snow lets up) I am going to check what you guys have said. I truly appreciate the help !

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The bulb seal in on the bottom of the bottom sash and top of the top sash and seals any gap between the sash and the frame. It's part of the weatherstripping system.

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The problem turned out to be the adjustment screw in the the jamb. I adjusted it as "Ron6519" recommended and the problem is solved.
Thanks for all the input to all and especially Ron6519. Sorry for the late return of "thank you" .


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