Best way to cool off my generator

shelli563June 12, 2012

I have a portable Yamaha 6600.

I put it in a small 6x5 all metal sears shed.

The intake fan faces the open door and the exhaust is at 90 degrees to that - I cut two holes at 4"x 8" in the wall where the exhaust faces - the end of the muffler is about 2.5 feet from that wall. Put another 4" x 8" hole in another wall and covered the holes with cheap vent covers from home depot.

The with this set up, the generator runs fine for 4 hours in the shade 70deg f. Seems all fine. Of course, it is still quite hot inside the shed when it is running.

If I were to add an electric fan of some kind to aid cooling, would it be better to 1) focus on bringing in fresh air to the shed, or 2) focus on expelling hot air, from the shed?

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It amounts to to the same thing. The hottest think in the room is the exhaust gasses. Can you fab some way to connect some flexible pipe (large diameter) to the exhaust pipe end and direct it through the holes that you cut?

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neither. the exhaust should be exited out the wall and not
allowed to be blown into the shed. Your fans will not remove the exhaust and heat properly. The toxic exhaust and acids from it will do a job on your wiring in time. It will also eat your shed walls and paint. ionizer is right. the exhaust
has to be removed from the shed directly and not allowed to build up inside. It's number 2. That means exhaust.

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Automotive shops have long used an exhaust hose to allow the vehicle to run while inside an enclosed garage. Should be able to pick up a hose at an auto parts store.

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Aside from being sure the exhaust exits directly outside the enclosure, making a way for adequate cooling air to get In or Out is worthless unless such air can both enter AND exit freely. Just In or Out accomplishes nothing.

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