Walnut top island with sink and two dishwashers in it

southern_2008November 21, 2008

Hi Guys

Looking at doing either a granite island or a walnut strips laminated together top island. My island is 116" X 54" so it will be my main working area and will have two dishwashers and a large copper sink in the middle. It's also where my kids will do their homework, etc. (i.e. writing on paper-they're boys and there is no way I am going to get them to put something under the paper every time!! ;)

I will have granite perimeter countertops so I could set hot pots on those but my main working area would be walnut (should we choose to do it). I realize end grain is the best for chopping, then edge grain (dont care much for the stripey look) and then face grain (which is of course the one I like the most). The other thing is that I love the walnut when it is stained (even though it is a gorgeous color naturally). Would it be crazy to have a stained walnut laminated island as my main work area? I would not chop on it but I mean even for things like homework and having a sink in there--would it not be smart? If I used the edge grain and had it stained and then Waterlox put on it, would it not be so stripey? What are your thoughts on this?

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I wouldn't advise chopping on an edge-grain (plank glue up) wood countertop. End grain with a renewable finish is fine, but not edge.

The countertop over dishwashers needs to be protected, especially if there is a vent at the top of the dishwasher door that will vent hot moist air onto the edge of the wood counter top.

Walnut is not too striped, you can stain it as well if you have wild grain. Now zerbrawood, that's striped.


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Mongo, those are two GORGEOUS countertops! Just too pretty to use. Wow!

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Water and wooden counter tops are rarely a good idea.

No finish (except for maybe poured on types) are really adequate to seal wood against constant moisture.

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Walnut counters sure are popping up a lot lately. I'm putting walnut counters in my kitchen.

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