Hurd H3 window

Fenestration_TaylorDecember 20, 2013

Does anyone have any direct experience with the Hurd H3 window? I have experience with older Hurd windows (mostly not good) but the H3 is relatively new. Has anyone sold or installed these windows? Are they really that much cheaper while maintaining quality? Just curious since i've seen press about it over the years but never have come into contact with them.

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I don't know I just can't see the being very good quality as they were purchased by a large company as an investment not window people so I would have serious doubts about this product.

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I haven't used the product but I did not find anything noteworthy in looking at it, at least not from a positive aspect. I don't particularly care for wood/vinyl combo products,and this adds in extruded aluminum... and then there are all of the people that got stiffed on Hurd warranties... I'll pass.

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They were a pretty solidly regarded window back in the day but if you research warranty issues, there are plenty of stories of homeowners getting stuck with the bill.

They were in my in-laws home and they were pretty well built in those cases. Can't offer any larger commentary than that.

I, like HomeSealed, am not a hug fan of the hybrid woods but there are some good ones out there.

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I know Hurd's past reputation regarding the warranties. And I agree with the hybrid windows. 3 different materials all with different expansion and contraction rates working together doesn't sound like the greatest idea. But like I said I've had no experience with them so I've been curious.

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I would not buy Hurd H3 windows. Better windows can be had for the money.

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I can't say that I disagree windowgeek, but perhaps you'd like to elaborate?

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They sell the H3 as an aluminum clad wood window, but it actually has a wood veneer over vinyl and not solid wood. Even with the extruded exterior they are a little on the flimsy side. The fit and finish of the window is poor and small gaps with SDL bars and miters is common.

It is a spec. builder product.

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