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annesvDecember 30, 2009

Sorry for the novice question here, but here goes. I'm putting in a new double casement window in my kitchen above my countertop. Is there a recommended standard for height placement? I have 8 ft ceilings. I wasn't sure how much wall space should be above and below the window. (I'm sure my contractor will know, but I always like to have some knowledge about things as well.) Thanks!

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Typically kitchen windows are 38" in height and 36" in width. I would be very careful with the measurements.

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A double casement window above a sink puts a post and the jambs of two windows directly in front of your face when you are using the sink which is poor use of a window oportunity IMHO. I would use an awning window and put it as low as possible with a 40 x 40 frame size.

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