Kolbe Latitude

MayhewDecember 1, 2012

Has anyone had any experience with Kolbe & Kolbe's Latitude vinyl window? And how does it compare to the Okna Enviro-Star?


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I have no experience with Kolbe's vinyl product as from what I understand it has never been very popular on the east coast,

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Thanks millworkman - do you have any experience with their wood products (Ultra & Classic)?

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In my opinion Kolbe Ultra is an excellent product in either wood or extruded alum clad. A very small step quality wise behind the Marvin Ultimate in windows and I actually prefer their Hinged Patio Doors to the Marvin. Price wise the Ultra series will be slightly less than the Marvin Ulitmates. The Classic series is a roll-form aluminum clad product that I will not recommend for that reason.

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I would put wood Kolbe and Kolbe in any application.

As it pertains to vinyl, there are a bunch of better windows at a much better price point.

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I'm looking at Latitudes vinyl for my build. I havn't found much better available in the vinyl arena available on the west coast. I've seen one in person and a number of the offerings around, and its the nicest looking I've seen and I've compared the efficiency numbers and they are right up there. But I'll admit you darn East coasters have much more as far as options!

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From what I remember and know of the Kolbe distributor in New Jersey did not really even sell the vinyl products, they could get it but really did not even know the product very well. As you mention nite it very well good be the fact that there are so many quality vinyl products available in the NY area they did not feel they can compete. That being said I can't even say I ever even looked at them on the site (and now I don't really even sell residential products).

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my Ultra EP windows are due to be delivered next week. My rep did a great job working with me on fine tuning the specs and glass packages for the various windows for my unique application. I am also going with an Ultra custom 8' front door and 7' patio door.
After I dig into them and we install them, I can give a good review of them compared to the others I have had experience with. There are some rather large sizes and combos, so I am looking forward to seeing them.

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