How to replace old eave interior doors-keeping it simple

SparklingWaterNovember 14, 2012

Hello woodworkers. I live in a 1940's colonial which has one back bedroom with slanted ceilings. I wish to ask for your suggestions on a simple but sturdy solution to replacing the old sliding doors to the closet space under the eaves.

Below are pictures of two of the doors needing replacement. The doors in place are solid 3/4" plywood and heavy! They slide wood-on-wood along a runner in the bottom, which in the second picture, I pried off in the back. The doors are not all equal in size but 3 out of 4 are ~46 1/2" H x 32" W. The 4th door is 46 1/2" H x 31" W.

A handyman carpenter will replace these doors, either using the plywood and cutting it down or using alternative, less heavy wood/other. We prefer two doors on strong side hinges meeting in middle with small knobs. He is suggesting using same wood and one door but we don't think that is possible due to weight of wood, strain on hinges, and needed room to swing door open. Another idea would be pre-fabricated bifold but there is a size difference.

Would you offer your insight here? To keep labor down, allow for proper swing out, and make it sturdy to stand test of time on the hinges, what do you suggest? We do have a large lumber supply company near by. Thank you for your recommendations.

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I would keep the sliding doors, but install a sliding door hardware kit, whereby the doors would slide on rollers on a metal track, rather on the wood.

Here is a link that might be useful: sliding door hardware

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see my recommendation on your other posting

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I believe that the original sliding design was done with keeping the air movement to a minimum. Actually that's an important consideration. A bifold arrangement is going to leak air all around and down the middle. Just sayin'.

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basically I was suggesting cutting down std solid core doors, reblocking and hanging in jambs 4 sides with weatherstrip stop as double doors

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Thanks for all of your suggestions. I agree about the "air" consideration and agree bi-fold doors won't work. Some great ideas where I was lacking. I appreciate your responses very much so now on to the actual project. :)

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