Tib my pillow is here

Holly- KayAugust 12, 2014

My new Natura latex pillow arrived today. It was shipped in a box and the pillow itself was tucked inside a nice canvas carry all that will be perfect when I travel (my pillow goes with me). Thanks for the suggestion Tib and I'll let you know how I like it after a few nights.

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I so hope you like it, Holly-kay. I'll be sleeping on mine tonight.

I bring my pillows with me as well when I travel.

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holly-kay - I read a review of a different brand of latex pillow on Amazon and they described it like sleeping on a balloon. There was a video that showed them setting a weight on an average pillow and it would either stay smashed down when they lifted the weight or it would very slowly return to shape. The latex pillow immediately popped up to it's original shape when the weight was lifted. I'm curious to see if the Natura pillow does that also.

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msrose, the Natura pillow does do that. At least mine, the Natura Ultimate, does, and still does after three + years.

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Holly- Kay

Msrose, I bought the same pillow that Tib has so I expect it will be the same.

Tib, in the packaging it showed the pillow being available in 4 sizes. standard, jumbo. queen, and king. My LLBean percale standard pillow case just covers it. I will be ordering my Rough Linen set later this week so the queen pillow case should fit just right.

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Holly, the queen case will it it. I've got one on mine. The Natura pillows sizes are very different than American pillow sizes. The standard looks like a child's pillow. The queen is much bigger . I don't recall one in "jumbo". what size is that?? Is it between the queen and standard? If so, I would have gotten that one. I like the American-size standard, not king and queen pillows. Although, the Natura (Canadia) Queen is smaller than an American queen.

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Holly- Kay

Tib, the jumbo was listed between the standard and queen so it seems that it should be smaller than the queen. The Natura queen is actually the same size as my Tempurpedic queen size. In the print in French it says standard is regular, Jumbo is giant, queen is large, and king is very large. I wonder if by jumbo they are referring to the body size pillows, and if so why they aren't listed after the king size.

I ordered my Rough Linen sheets tonight. I am anxious to get them!

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Very odd. I just went to the Natura site, and under the Ultimate, all they list for sizes are Standard, Queen and King.

So jealous of you re: Rough Linen sheets. I can't afford them :-(

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Holly- Kay

Tib, I was going to wait until later this week because they are more expensive than I wanted them to be but I have been longing for them before I started my bedroom refresh and decided to just bite the bullet.

Maybe you can start small with just a pillow slip to start. That's the most important piece anyway. Last night I was so uncomfortable because my pillow was so terribly hot that even the cotton percale didn't help. I am so hoping that linen alleviates or at least diminishes that awful over heated feeling.

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I actually took that terry/wool cover off my Natura pillow last night, Holly, and I was a lot happier! must go back and forth ,because I remember when I put it on, I was a lot happier. Hmmmmâ¦..

Rough Linen will have to wait. I threw everything I had at the house, when I bought it, to make it rentable; have to keep some reserve for emergency repairs, so other than that, I'm moving into scrimp and save mode!

Hope you enjoyed your first night with your new pillow. I'm feeling a bit frantic that you bought it on my recommendation, worried you'll hate it! they're not inexpensive pillows!

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