question on led recessed lighting. ic or not?

jagermeisterJune 28, 2012

I'm doing a bathroom renovation and wanted to use LED recessed lighting but can't figure out if it's ok to cover the cans with insulation. Hopefully someone can help me out.

I plan on using the 5" LED retrofit kit made by Lithonia found at Home Depot. The kit comes with the can, and a combo trim/LED bulb. The area above the bathroom is an attic with batted insulation.

The box the kit comes in states "IC/NON-IC REMODEL HOUSING". So which is it? Nothing in the installation directions specifically states making it an IC or NON-IC installation. In the general caution list, there is a line item stating to avoid covering the LED fixture with insulation, foam, or other material. However, if the can is truely IC, then covering with insulation shouldn't be a problem.

I'm a little put out at the lack of detail in the directions regarding IC or NON-IC. This, to me, seems to be a pretty important issue. Is there a better recessed LED kit out there that addresses this more clearly?

Thanks for any help.

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Ron Natalie

You have a model number of the housing?

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Thanks for your reply.

I ended up returning the retrofit kit and got a 6" IC rated can manufactured by HALO. In that I installed an LED light and trim. Ended up being $10 cheaper than the kit for a bigger light with more lumens. I have peace of mind knowing the can is definitely IC rated.

Thanks again.

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If I were going to guess, I would say that it is qualified for both installations. Except it should not be covered as stated (sides touching would be ok).

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Could also be a label made for multiple models, where one is IC rated and another isn't. In such instances, one of them is supposed to be (but not always) marked or circled.

Glad you got a solution you're happy with.

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