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ready2movesNovember 1, 2012

I am sanding off the finish on a table, to refinish it. I have a palm sander and have generally sanded by hand in the corners and detail. Well, this table has more than I care for to do by hand, as my fingers are really sore. (getting old here). :)

I would like to buy another electric sander for detail work. I would like recommendations, please. My only request is that its easy to hold and use. Being female, my palm sander has a huge grip on it for me. I am small boned, and not too happy with such a huge grip. Any suggestions for me, please??? Easy to use too, please or change pieces on.


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I have found that the large orbital finishing sanders work well in shelves and tables because they are big enough I can use both hands.

Their weight on the paper is enough to do the job and I just steer it up and down the grain.

If you are talking about small details, the sander has to be smaller than the detail ... I start with the big one and move to the 1/4 sheet sander and then a sanding sponge if need be.

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Another reason why sanding off old finish (instead of using a chemical stripper) is just plain wrong, not merely a bad idea.

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Fein once owned the detail sander market but their patent expired and now just about everyone makes something similar. Try your local hardware store or home center and see what you like.

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I have the Fein and detail sander attachment. It works OK on raw wood, but gums up pretty quickly on finish.

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I've used chemical stripers too. Its messy, and its chemicals. I usually like sanding the intricate details, but my fingers are just not cooperating anymore.
Hit the big box store today, and saw some sanders I thought might work. (detail sander)
Yea, I know the sander gums up. :) I think I just want a new toy! :) I just thought those who do this more than I do, could recommend their fav toy.
thanks!!!! :)
ps saw a belt sander today, i'd love to have, except if i came home with it, I am pretty sure my hubby would know it was NOT going to do detail work.

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"Its messy, and its chemicals."

Probbaly no worse than turning the cured finish unto dust and then breathing it.

EVERYTHING is chemicals, with all sorts of toxicity levels.

Drink enough water faster enough and it will kill you.

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