HELP...I need to switch this 1/3 hp motor over to 110V from 220V

bobnoxiousJune 21, 2013

Hi.......I need to switch this 1/3 hp motor over to 110V from the current 220 setting this is done by switching around the wires in this terminal the one with blk wire has 2 empty blade connections and the yellow/blk stripe connection has one blade available........ knowing that connections 1 and 2 (blk. & wht.) are for the power feed and green is ground where do I move the other wires I believe one wire either red or white gets moved to the blk. connector which has the 2 blades available.
I'm Lost

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Motors of this low hp rating often are not multiple voltage. Have you looked at the nameplate or at the back side of the cover that you removed for the photos? The diagram, if any, is often there. If the nameplate is marked 120/240 or similar, the motor is dual voltage. If the nameplate is marked as 120 volts, it is unlikely that converting it to 240 volts can be done without major modifications by an electrical motor shop.

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Thanks for the reply âÂÂtrial & errorâ solved the mystery when u got no wiring dia. turns out the wht. & red terminal is the decider white to blk. and line white boom 110 volts full rpm IâÂÂm happy Guy

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