Marvin Integrity - French Door?

ontariomomDecember 12, 2011

Hi all,

Can anyone recommend the Marvin Integrity french door? We need to place an order this week, and we are down to deciding between a double pane Marvin Integrity (wood one side/fiberglass the other) door, and a french door by Fibertec (Canadian Fiberglass company). The door by Fibertec is available in triple pane (we are from Ontario Canada), but it does look a bit more like an entrance door and has quite a bit less glass in it. The Fibertec door is also about $1200 dollars more! Therefore, the Marvin door is cheaper, more attractive, but less thermal as it is not available in triple pane. The door faces south. Do you think all of our effort to upgrade our windows to triple pane, will be lost if we only have a double pane French door?

If you don't like either of these french door choices, can you recommend another french door? We do want fiberglass as all the windows will be made of fiberglass.

Please help me out with this decision.



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I would take a look at a Provia model 460 Fiberglass French Door.

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We installed a Marvin Integrity french door this summer and are very happy with it. It was a little more difficult than some other brands to install, but well worth the effort. It fits and operates beautifully. We are in NW Pennsylvania and this door faces west which is where most of our winds are from. So far, not a sign of air infiltration.

I'd certainly consider it a premium product.

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Thanks Danvirsse for passing on your experience with the Marvin Integrity french door.

Sydawggy, I appreciate hearing about Provia doors. Unfortunately, Provia is not available here in Canada, and I would have to cross the border to get it -- quite a pain and hassle. Do you think I will be okay with the Marvin door?

Everyone, is it okay to go with a double pane french door when we went to the trouble of getting triple pane windows (we are in Southern Ontario, Canada)? Marvin does not make a triple pane french door. Fibertec makes a triple door but it costs quite a bit more, and is less attractive as there is less glass on the door (looks more like an entrance door with glass in the middle to me).

Happy New Year everyone!!!


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I think you would me more than fine with a Marvin French Door and while not ideal using Dbl Pane on it should not create any issues either.

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what about the double pane Fibertec? Do not get so hung up on triple always being the best windows for super performance. Triple pane glass, on the south, can actually perform worse then double pane depending on your house design, shading, etc. For the double pane, get Fibertec (or consider Inline? They should have slightly lower prices) but get a taylored glass package to have higher SHGC numbers. The higher these numbers on the south, the better. (it gets more technical then this, but in a nut shell, a decent rule of thumb for a heating dominate climate). The lowest u value isnt not always the best answer to achieve the best performance out of the glass.

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I want to get a new door for my house. I want my house to look great. Recently my friend told me about french doors and i got to the website. I found really really great doors but they were very expensive. Have you got any alternatives for purchasing french doors?

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About all that needs to be said.

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cue the GC....

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lmao, was looking for a grumpy cat meme to use and could not find one!

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