Milgard windows rating

maronikaDecember 10, 2010


Please tell me if Milgard vinyl windows Tuscany and Style Line are very good ones and what is the difference between the 2 .

Is Argon and Lo -e necessary for texas?


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I'm not familiar enough with Milgard to give specific comparative advice but LoE glass and argon gas are critical to use in Texas. In fact, I would consider Triple pane with krypton gas if I lived in Texas depending on how much more it would cost. Whatever you do, make sure the glass package you get has the lowest Solar gain available. Why doesn't your dealer know the differences?

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Style line is the less expensive of the two. Less vinyl and more glass. I agree with skydawggy, What has your dealer told you? They should have explained the difference. I would follow the 2010 Energy Star requirements for your area as far the need for which low e to use. Argon is always a good idea unless you are paying a super premium for it.

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Thank you to both!
How about General Aluminum windows and Don Young are they good or superior ones?
What about their prices ? Are they a good value?

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I think that first you need to decide whether you want aluminum or vinyl. My understanding from an acquaintance and fellow contractor in Texas is that the Don Young aluminum window is a good choice. Sorry, not familiar with General Aluminum.

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We have an offer for 19 Vinyl windows by Don Young for $8,500 total.Is this a good offer. The windows are 36"x72" and 3 are 48" x 72".
Is General Aluminum Co. Vinyl windows 7000 series bette than Don Young their offer was for $200 less.
Thank you!

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I have no idea if that's a good price or not. Price is dependent on a dealers cost materials, installation specifics, overhead, advertising, insurance, healthcare, and of doing business and making a fair profit. If you call him 5 years from now with a warranty issue, you will wamt someone to answer the phone. How often do you hear a consumer complain that they bought windows several years ago and got a great price but now the dealer who installed their windows went out of business and they are having a difficult time with the factory warranty?

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I have mailed my Milgard window mail in rebate over two month but haven't received the rebate check.
If anybody know how to check the Milgard rebate status please show me.
I have contacted Milgard company website by e-mail twice but no return email. Keep calling them waiting for transferring to another phone line to leave the message and no call return.
Thanks in advance


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