minwax woodsheen rubbing oil stain & finish

blue_velvet_elvisNovember 18, 2006

Any opinions on this product? I've never stained anything before and I'm not confident I can do a good job. The windsor oak color is the color I'm looking for. Will this do a good job for me?

The applications will be on oak. A fireplace mantle, stairway and trim work.

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I would like to purchase this product and I can't find anyone online that will let me put this product in a cart. I can see the product on differant web sites and I have read reviews but I have been unsuccessful in being able to make a purchase. Why is this so difficult. C

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They don't manufacture this product ( Minwax Wood-Sheen Rubbing Oil Stain And Finish ) any longer.
Because the environmentalists were against the ingredient's.
They now sell a product called Wood-Sheen Water-Based Stain And Finish, which is garbage.
It's a shame that they no longer make the rubbing oil stain and finish as it was the most wonderful and best product I have ever used for furniture finishing and even just in- between brighten ups. It worked perfect and looked amazing.
The new water-based in rosewood, looks like smeared chocolate paste when you apply it and it leaves smear streaks that won't come off. It's really nasty and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I have gone back to the 2-step process of minwax stain followed up with Formsby Tung Oil.

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Ton date, there is not a combination stain finish worth reading the lable on, much less buying or using.

Sand, stain(dye is better but more involved) , sand and several coats of finish.

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