Cabinet end panels

prairiefoxNovember 15, 2008

I asked this question over at Home Repairs but maybe this is the better forum. The end caps of my cabinets, I believe, are a thin sheet of veneer. Anyhow, some ends have faded badly and what I want to know does one replace this or could I restain them where they are? If I do replace them, do I get replacement sheets at Home Depot type places? Thanks in advance.

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If the cabinets are made with MDF, then that is veneer. It will be very thin, so any sanding has to be done very carefully and any stripping with chemical compounds also carefully done.

If the cabinets are plywood, the top layer is also veneer and may be even thinner.

If you can find out what stain and finish were used, it may be possible for you to remove the finish and restain in place. It is not a DIY friendly job unless the DIYer has some experience with that kind of thing.

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I am an insurance adjuster and wanted to know if you have a video or detailed instruction on replacing the cabinet end panel, not the veneer, we have contractors who do it and sometimes when you explaine it to a customer they dont understand and would like to have information for them to view.

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Pull them off and replace them.

If they are 'skins' you may be able to just attach a new panel over the old with little real effort.
It depends on how much reveal will remain to any frame around the end panel.

If you have framed end panels thyy may have been just nailed to the cabinet side to create the appearance of a panel.

You can often pull them off and replace them with a whole new framed end panel.

Look inside the cabinet first though, sometimes they are screwed in place from the inside of the cabinet into the framing around the perimeter of the panel.
Since no one sees the inside usually, the flat head screws are left exposed.

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