Repairing Melamine

johnc777November 8, 2011

I have a couple of cabinet doors with "Euro" type hinges that I need to replace the hinges. Of course, the screw holes of the new hinges don't match the holes of the old hinges. I even checked with the manufacturer of the original hinges and they've since "updated" their hinges with a new hole pattern.

To make matters worse there are little plastic inserts (maybe 5/16") where the old screws are. Any suggestions on how to repair these holes?


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You could pull the inserts, fill with Bondo, trim flush and paint, but it may not look a whole lot better than simply leaving them alone.

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You can get white melamine "screw covers." Pull the plastic inserts. Ensure the holes are smooth (haven't mushroomed out). If they have, you can use a countersink bit to clean them up. From a distance, they'll look fine.

Here is a link that might be useful: White melamine screw covers

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Why are you worrying about what the back of the doors looks like?

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You've obviously never met most of my customers.

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I am amazed to hear that Brick is the kind of contractor who would leave the insides of the doors looking like a mason bee house.

Anyway, the complication here might be that you need to redrill very close to or partly on the old holes, both on the door and on the cabinet boxes.

If that is the case, I think the best you can do is something like bondo, or a wood replacement putty (after removing the plastic sleeve) that you can drill into - read some labels carefully at the hardware store/lumberyard or ask for advice there.

Karin L

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