8 gauge solid copper wire

bsticksJune 8, 2009

hi again all,

could someone please tell me where i can purchase 100 feet of insulated, 8 gauge, solid copper wire for bonding my pool? all i am finding is 8 gauge stranded wire and i cannot use that.

any help is most appreciated. if i could buy it online that would be a plus.

thanks as always,


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Ron Natalie

Try a real electrical supply house rather than the home centers.

Googling shows several online sources including "thewireman.com"

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hi ronnatalie, i have been to my local cooper electric supply, graybar, and grainger but they didn't have any of it.

i will try the website you listed above.

thanks again,

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In most areas you must use BARE #8 that you can buy at Home Depot or Lowes.

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hi jack,

i thought that the NEC specified insulated 8 gauge for bonding?

if there's no specification then i might be in good shape after all.

my approved plan just says 8 gauge solid copper ground wire for bonding to metal leg frame of pool.

thanks again,

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Ron Natalie

The equipotential bonding doesn't need to be insulated.

680.26 (B) The parts specified in 680.26(B)(1) through (B)(7) shall be bonded together using solid copper conductors, insulated covered, or bare, not smaller than 8 AWG or with rigid metal conduit of brass or other identified corrosion-resistant metal.

I suspect that you are confusing that requirement with the 680.21 requirement for the grounding connector in the circuits feeding the pool motors to be insulated.

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hi ronnatalie,

thank you for posting that. i was confused as to why a bonding wire from the pump to the pool wouldn't have to be insulated as circuit feeds. just over thinking on my part i now see.


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Ron Natalie

The bonding wire isn't a circuit feed. It joins together all the exposed metal, equipment cases, etc... to make sure in case anything becomes energized, they all end up at the same potential, further reducing the potential for injury. It doesn't much matter that this is not insulated as it's in contact with all sorts of things anyhow.

The equipment grounding conductor on any circuit wants to be a low impedance direct path back to the central grounding point in order to allow the faulting currents to quickly trip the breaker. You don't want it to touch anything. In a normal circuit, that's not too much of a concern, but pool circuits they want to insure it doesn't touch even some other conductive path that's supposed to be at ground potential but may not be.

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thank you very much.


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