Okna windows in Synthetic stucco house

yogalauraDecember 27, 2013

First of all, thanks so much to all of you who are active posters in this community. I have found this of huge help and really appreciate the feedback that you all have provided.

Here is my question. My two quotes have been from Vytex and Okna. I am leaning towards Okna 400, based on the guidance that you all have shared. (Have tons of windows to replace - 30+!)

I live in a synthetic stucco house and want to make sure that any drainage system is external. My stucco guy shared that there are some drain pans that run water between the stucco and internal wall of the house - which would obviously be really bad with our stucco home.

If any of you have guidance on what you would recommend in this situation, that would be appreciated.

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My preference on product would be the Okna. Were you shown the 500 or 800? The 400 is very good, but the 500 is even more stout, and the 800 is about as good as it gets...
On the installation, that is something that you'll need to discuss with your installer. Both windows have the same drainage path (welded, sloped sill), so where the water goes from there is up to the installation detail.

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Hi all,

Okna windows purchased and will be installed in a couple of weeks. Pretty excited about it! A question, my installer is recommending the caulk Hybri-sil. My stucco guy says that Tremco or NP1 is what he would recommend.

What do you all think? I live in Georgia, so we experience more heat than cold. Thanks.

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Windows on Washington

I would put the two of them in touch with one another and have them resolve the sealant question.

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