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wvjackJune 10, 2011

I am interested in adding a twenty amp cicuit in my garage workshop. Here is the problem:

I live in a townhouse. Each group of four townhouses are arranged in quadrant. I live in the rear of the quadrant. The configuration of the garages is such that my garage is under the townhouse in front of mine. Their garage is adjacent to my garage, and also under their townhouse.

My problem is how to get the additional circuit to my garage. Also, my meter is in the rear of my townhouse.

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Ron Natalie

In most places the only legal way to do this is call an electrician. Exemptions for doing work on your own single family house don't apply to multiunit dwellings.

The way you get a circuit is to run the wire from the garage to your panel making sure that you obey not only the NEC but also any building/fire code issues regarding wall penetrations (garages are particularly problematic).

This is NOT a DIY task.

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