Looking for glass moisturizer(?) for beach glass

phish_gwNovember 7, 2009

HELP! I recently got a lot of beach glass in Bermuda at this awesome beach that is FULL of it. But the problem is that is has this veneer of tiny dry white spots. When I wet it, this problem goes away and it looks amazing, but as is, it's kindof hard to even tell it is pretty beach glass.

I think if a glass moisturizer existed, it could solve this problem (kindof like how my leather jacket looks dry with tiny white dryness spots but when I apply moisturizer, it becomes the pretty clear consistent brown again). Or maybe I could apply something like clear nailpolish, but I have hundreds of pieces at this point, so I'd hate it to be something I'd have to apply to each piece individually.

I'd love some advice if anyone can help!

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My suggestion is to get a tile grout sealer, put in a dish and put them in it, then put them in a colander to dran/dry. I use Tile Lab glossy sealer from Home Depot to seal beach glass. It makes it look very nice and wet.

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Slow - what a wonderful idea! I'd never even thought of such a thing! I'm gonna have to try that on all the glass that I've been tumbling in my cement mixer and putting in one of my flower beds. That will be so cool!! Love ya, you creative woman. ~Ann

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Who but Slow, would of thunk it!

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I'm off to Home Depot!

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I will be watching for a followup. I know just what you're talking about and I hope it works.

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epoxy will work or a rock tumbler will polish it back up.

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Why is the beach soooo far away from where I am???
We have the Black Sea but well, it's at the other end of the country.
When I was there looong ago, I don't think I saw many glasses... hmmm...
I would like to try this idea. On some of the normal stones I can find here. The ones from the river banks. They look cool when wet but once dry, all patters dissapear :(
I just have to figure out what exactly this grout sealer is. Here in Romania we go by different names and brands...

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