covering up osb smell

suzie29November 4, 2012

We have some osb for a small project & it really smells. I read shellac works great but can smell itself. If I used a latex stain blocking primer sealer, will that block the smell? If this will work whats the best brand? berh has the best ratings from what ive read.



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Shellac does have a alcohol smell but does dissapate quickly (once dry), unlike paint that can linger for days or weeks.

I used shellac based primer to seal in the smokey smell of my new house, as the previous owners were heavy smokers. It worked great, as with all paints you need to have a well ventilated area when applying.

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Yes on shellac. BIN pigmented white primer is shellac-based. I don't recall the dry time on this, but most shellacs are ready to recoat in 30-60 minutes.

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Is sherwin williams pigmented shellac primer ok?

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I've not used it, but it would seem to work as well as BIN.

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