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cathyscacheNovember 7, 2011

It has snowed over 2 1/2 ft the last few days here, so I have been shoveling, plowing and blowing snow endlessly it seems. But still have managed to start a couple more projects. a large vase (xmas gift) and my shop bathroom needed a re-do. Kinda a mens BR (urnial and toilet)so it's gonna have rocks on the bottom and I think a fish border, still deciding. Am anxious for the snow to stop so I can work full time on the wall..

Here is a link that might be useful: bathroom wall & large vase

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geez that wall is a massive undertaking! impressive

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Well Cathy you always have such great projects...love it!!

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Looking very good!!!

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WOW! That is such a lot of snow!brrrr! How cool to do a bathroom wall! I guess I better think of Christmas gifts soon too! The days are just flying by! How big is that vase?

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Gulp - a whole bathroom wall??? All I can think about is getting into position to adhere all those rocks. Or, are you putting them on mesh first, then applying to the wall? On second thought, I have done walls outside, so a small bathroom wall isn't too much when you're young and agile. Go for it - the design sounds good.

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3 sides of vase done..1st wall almost done. Had to plow and shovel again yesterday or probably wud have finsihed both. It has finally quit snowing and now it's COLD..was 0 @ 6:00am. My 10ys grandson woke up vomiting last nite and we were up better part of the nite (flu) so probably won't get much done today, we'll see. Things keep getting in my way of progress. CALAM the vase is 18 high and 7 wide..I'm thinking tall pussy willows wud look good in it. I guess I will try to put my idea for the upper part , (still thinking fish) on paper today.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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