Staircase horror

silverado2312June 27, 2010

We have relocated a staircase in our remodel. There are 6 to 8 wires running through the floor joist that are now slap dab in the middle of the stairs. You have to duck or jump to get up stairs!! How should we relocate them?

One suggestion has been - cut the wires in the middle and add a junction box on each side of the stairs.

Another suggestion was to add a breaker box under the stairs in the pantry to move the power. The wires are long enough to reach a new box and the new box would be fed from the main breaker box.

Please help with ideas or comments?? Thanks

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Pick up telephone. Call local electrician. Write check when he/she finishes the job.


Post more information and provide links to detailed pictures.

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Things to consider;
A breaker panel cannot be in a closet (i.e. pantry)
All junction boxes must remain accessible

Why not run new cables or put junction boxes in the pantry to splice in new feeds from the main panel?

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"A breaker panel cannot be in a closet (i.e. pantry)"

Breaker panels cannot be located in clothes closets.

They can be located in other type closets or enclosures providing clearances can be maintained.

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