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joaniepoanieAugust 22, 2013

A few questions.....I just tried to resize a photo but it won't let me...I size the width and then when I try to change the height it changes the width I just set...on and on.

The last time I posted what I thought was one photo, everyone could see all my do you post so just the one photo shows?

Also, how do you embed?

Please spell out any replies as if to a first grader....I truly am a techno idiot!!

I know these have all been addressed before but the one thread I read still did not get me where I needed to go...


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Oh, joanie your soo cute.
I'm a first grader also .
I mark my photo bucket as private.
Only the photo I attach here will be seen.

I have sent msg. to people here that they may not know their whole bucket is open.

You can go back and delete your photos 'till you get it straight.

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Joanie....there's really no need to resize your photos since photobucket resizes them when you upload.

1. Go to the main page and look for your log-in name at the top. There's a drop-down arrow next to your name. Click on that and select 'user setting'.
2. When that opens, look at the top of the page and click the tab 'Albums'.
Make sure the box for HTML code is checked.
3. Scroll on down on that same page and click on 'customize upload options'. Select the size you want your photos ...........I always use the recommended size of 1024x768 and the photos are never too large or too small.

When you're ready to embed the photo in your text, select the photo in your album, and to the right of the photo it should say 'Links to share this photo'. Copy the HTML code and paste it within your text

See if that helps............

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I have two photobucket accounts, one for posting here, which is public and one that I use for private pics. you just have to have a different email address to do that, and of course a different user name for the 2nd account.

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olychick, you don't have to have two accounts, just set up an album that is unlocked and use that for any pics you don't mind being public.
All my other albums are 'locked' except one. That one.........I don't care who looks thru it. : )

But, if you have family/friend accessing your account then I can see having two separate accounts, especially if you prefer to use your real name one of the accounts.

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I have a "Gardenweb" album that I put anything I want to post here in, and a "Kitchen remodel" album that is public (mostly because I post those pics here too). Everything else is usually private.

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Thanks, Annz, I did know that, but I really want to make sure all my family stuff is completely separate and private and don't want to give my friends and family access to my gw stuff.

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Thanks all...special thanks to Annz---I just embedded my first pic...hooray! I have printed out your instructions because I know I'll never remember! Was also able to chanbe the pics to private...thanks again everyone!

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