3-D Star

rchoveyNovember 28, 2009

Finished this today. Hard to show the dimension in a picture.

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I love it! I have been wanting to make some of those but they look so complicated. I have been afraid to try. Are they as hard as they look?

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smickerdoodle, not really hard, but rather tedious. I'm sure there is an easier way to make them than I do, but I don't know it! I drew a pattern, cut out 12 pieces of glass and started putting them together. I lay out 4 pieces, solder them together flat, then put 2 pieces together x2, solder one of the 2 pieces at a right angle to one side of the flat piece, then attach a single one to each side of that, then repeat on the opposite side of the star. That would make more sense if I had pictures, but maybe you get the idea.

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Very nice! I'm sure this takes VERY precise cutting to get everything to come out even. Did you attach twisted wire to all the edges?

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That's beautiful!

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Way over my head, beautiful!

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Just beautiful!!! Can you give us the dimensions of the pieces? I would like to try one.

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WOW - can't even imagine doing a project like that. Very nice job. Glad to see you back.

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Sheesh, I thought I'd already commented on this! Anyhoo, LOVE it!!! I have a book (stained glass) on making Whirlies...3-d glass projects...butterflies, birds, flowers in 3-d...just 10 or 20 more things I wanna make some day...lol!!! I think I even have a book(old one, I scrounged at a used book store) that has those stars you see with candle holders inside for tea lights. If you want the pattern let me know. I'd show the books I mean but I screwed up my computer and now I can't download pics!!Grr! Does anybody else just out of the blue one day, think...hey, I don't know what that program does..so I mustn't use it...I think I'll delete it!?!? BAD JANE!!!!lol!

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Jane, thank you! I would love to have the pattern for the ones that hold a tea light. Can you email it or do you need my address?

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