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raineygirlDecember 4, 2013

Anybody know about B F Rich windows? If so, would you recommend them as I need to replace my windows in my condo. Right now, they would be New Construction windows because we are getting all new siding and this would be a good time to get windows.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Of course, all window companies claim to have the 'best'. LOL


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Their top of line "cabernet " is pretty good if i remember correctly.

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Okay, thanks. Do you know anything about Vytek windows? Windows Nation has them.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Cabernet is middle of the road at best. Air number is somewhat high at a 0.14 the last time I checked.

Soft-Lite, Sunrise, Okna are the brands that I am most familiar with and that I can recommend without hesitation.

The Vytex is an okay window as well and a better option than the Cabernet.

All that being said, make sure your installer is well versed in all the flashing and water management details so that the window opening and new siding work properly together.

You might as well get a full, new construction window too.

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I agree with widows on Washington. The Vytex window is one that looks good on paper , but I wasn't that impressed in operating and installing it. I'd also look into the alleged issues that they have had not honoring warranty claims.

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Okay, the Construction co, putting our siding and roof on recommended 'their' windows manufacturer (BF Rich) that they use and said it would be better to replace windows now while the siding is being replaced. He said you can still get windows later but suggested that they would be new construction vs replacement windows.

Is this a better reason to get them now rather than later? I was under the impression that regardless of the type of window you get, if you don't have a good installer, it won't matter how good of a window it is. How would one know if it's been installed correctly? It may take a year or so to find out, right?

Half of my condo has the replacement windows by Vytex. I had them installed 4 mos ago. I need the rest replaced but was going to wait until next year. This company claims they are going to give us a good deal (smile) if we want new windows while they are doing the siding. They use BF Rich and I think their price is around $500 per window for their top of the line for us.

Thoughts please. I want to do what's best as far as getting new windows but I don't want to rush into this if there is no really good reason to do it now.

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I just got some more information on the windows they are offering:
New construction windows from BF Rich - Woodbridge DP - 50 rated

Their deal would amount to about $500 per window.

Let me hear your comments please.


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I have limited knowledge of the BF Rich, but the Vytex is solid, assuming that it is the Fortis.
Regarding installation, you are correct that either way can and should result in a sealed, water-proof opening. The contractor is giving solid advice though in that a full tear-off with the siding already off will give added layers of protection, in addition to added glass space over a replacement style config. A full tear-out is a superior install, it is just that the cost savings for a replacement and less invasive procedure (not touching interior woodwork, etc) typically outweigh the benefits of a full tear for most people. In your situation, that added cost is mitigated by the fact that the siding is off, so it becomes more appealing,

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No Homesealed...they are not the Fortis series, they are the Georgetown series. Of course, the roofing co told me that they are not good windows.

You just don't know who to believe!

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Windows on Washington Ltd

The Georgetown is not a window worth putting into this comparison.

The Potomac is a good window as is the Fortis. Georgetown...not so much.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

I forgot to +1 HomeSealed other advice in terms of the full, new construction application.

That type of application is preferred if it is available and in many cases, you will eliminated some duplication of labor and it should result in the aggregate project being cheaper.

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Well, at first, it was determined that it was too late for me to get the new construction windows since they are very close to finishing the siding on front of my building.

Now, I'm told that they can still install the new construction windows by putting the new siding up but leaving enough room for the windows when they come in from the factory. I asked a 2nd time if they would still be the new construction windows and not replacement ones and they assured me they would be. My next door neighbor is getting replacement windows in her condo. So, I'm puzzled as to why or how they are doing both. I think she's getting hers soon.

I hate to say it but I just don't know who to believe or trust. They told me they were top of the line windows but now I see that they are way below the best of their line. BF Rich - Woodbridge at a cost of around $500 each.

Anybody know anything about this type of window? They claim they have this self cleaning coating on them on the outside of the window.


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Windows on Washington Ltd

The Woodbridge does appear to be the new construction variant (i.e. with nailing flange and J-channel options) in their line up.

I can't see any structural data or other information on the unit so I cannot comment beyond that.

Self cleaning glass is nothing specific to that brand or window but some folks do like that option.

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