Deep window seat that can expand into a twin bed

lalitharNovember 11, 2012

I am trying to figure out a seating/ extrabed solution for a little reading nook in my daughter's room. It is just about 40 inches wide and about 6ft deep. One long wall has a nice window and the other will have shelves for books. I would like to build a custom window seat/ bench here that can expand to a sturdy bed. I was thinking the seat can be half as deep(3ft) and you could pull out the bed platform/ frame part to make it 6ft twin bed. The pull out part would have legs to help make the bed stable. Maybe the platform part will have piano hinges and fold closed and open. Has anyone seen plans like this or has any advice for me? I would just use thick futon type mattress.


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Look at RVs and people who have done RV conversions/builds. There are lots of clever ideas there. You might also browse the IKEA online catalog looking for ideas in "Daybeds/Guestbeds." Using a hinged platform is one idea. Another is to use slats that alternate and half of them slide out on legs & frame. Part of your design criteria will be is this going to be used nightly or only occasionally for guest sleepovers?

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The windowseat itself will be used daily. The bed maybe once a week.
Any ideas of where I can see RV solutions? I have looked at IKEA. The closest I have seen is a toddler bed that could be expanded to twin length or kept shorter. The sides kind of telescoped. The bed itself was very low. My bed will be high enough that I could have a drawer underneath. Ideally I hope I can find a plan that can be given to a good carpenter to build.

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here is some help...

IKEA has daybeds that look like a twin and pull out to a king. this idea may work. it is the alternating slats type. you have two stacked 4" mattresses on top that are used side by side when it is pulled out.

this company has reasonably priced custom foam mattresses.



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Is this the type of window seat you have now?
We had a long dormer in our Virginia house, and we wanted to do this type of bed, but we ended up selling and moving before we could do a project like this.

Link below gets you thinking outside the box.
There are even ottomans that hold a bed. There are metal frames you can purchase then fold up, store under seat.
Think of other ways you can accomplish this task other than the one you are thinking of. This might free your mind to solve your design dilemma!

Here is a link that might be useful: list of single bed solutions

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Mary Ruth.. this is exactly it!! Our nook is exactly like this except that the window is on one of the longer sides and there is a bookshelf on the other (rather there is space for a book shelf that needs to be built :)I will explore that link..thank you so much.

detroit_burb : I did explore IKEA but the dimensions don't work.

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