BM refuses to send proof of treatment from prison

boodledooOctober 13, 2009

DH composed a strictly business letter requesting proof that BM is really in treatment like she has claimed. We haven't spoken with her since April which is when she got arrested the second time. See does NOT want to speak to either DH or myself. She knows what will be said.

For a while we were keeping up contact via third party with BM's mom. She is the one who said BM claimed she was in treatment. We no longer have contact with Grandma either...long story but believe me when I say it is TYPICAL of BM's family what caused the situation.

Anyway, about a week and a half ago he mailed this letter asking for concrete proof of treatment. DH was clear that he would take a non reply as she was not receiving any. So far we have gotten nothing back....go figure. My guess is she's still doing drugs and throwing spades moaning about how much she misses her kids and how terrible DH is for "keeping her from her". Niether DH or myself is holding our breaths for a reply. We have mailed a copy of the letter to our lawyer to go in the case file. She is hanging herself.

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I'm confused.

Is she in prison?

If not, how would she be getting treatment or therapy from prison?

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Actually Sylvia, Prison is supposed to be a "reform" type institution and they offer ALOT of rehabilitation and vocational opportunities for inmates. There is an entire roster of classes and support groups they can get involved in. Some are for self betterment like adult education, vocational and parenting classes. Others are for rehabilitation, programs like AA and NA.

According to the Program Manager at the prison she is in there are multiple programs she could be involved in for drug rehabilitation support. The staff obviously is bound by HIPPA laws so she could give us no more info than that but considering that BM is NOT responding we are guessing she has chosen NOT to participate in any rehabilitation programs. She no doubt thinks we are dumb enough to take her word for it.

She could even take Cosmetology if she wanted to. No joke. They offer classes in the prison she is at. She could come out a clean beautician but instead she will probably come out still addicted and with no skills.

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I would hope there is treatment available in prison, but would suspect not always, and maybe a wait.

And even if she is getting treatment in prison, how would she get proof.

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The Program Director said she could get the head of the program she is or is not involved in to write a letter on the prison leterhead. IF BM wanted to she could give them written consent to include what kindof treatment she was recieving, how many times, whether or not she had volunteered for random drug screens, exc.

The program director said all BM would have to do to obtain proof of treatmeant is sign a written release form. Obviously, if she isn't in treatment she won't do this. We are guessing that's why we have faile to recieve a reply. She hasn't even called us since April. She knows we will be drilling her for info.

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