Replacing French Doors

threeboxerloverDecember 19, 2012

I have two sets of French Doors I need to have replaced. I've got a couple contractors coming to give me estimates but I've read that it's wise to avoid doors purchased at the large box stores like Depot and Lowes. One of the contractors specifically mentioned buying the door at Home Depot and then installing it for me. So I have two questions - 1, which brands are recommended? The contractor only mentioned Andersen and Pella, but I understand there are a lot more. Second question - should I be looking for another contractor if this one is buying the door at home depot? Thank you for any info you can provide!

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What type of material did you want the door to be made from?

Fiberglass, vinyl, wood, etc?

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i would look for a contractior that installs HMI Doors , Provia, or homeguard doors.
they are high quality and tens times better than the stuff they sell at HD or lowes. the difference in quality is huge,

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Regarding the material - the two doors I have now are wood, which I like. But I have big dogs and they've had their way with the wood LOL, so I'm thinking fiberglass.... The doors are exposed to the elements outside (no real overhang) so I wasn't considering steel because I heard they rust???

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Also, none of the contractors I've talked to (I've had three now come out) have mentioned those brands...HMI, Provia, etc. They've all talked about Andersen and one only sells Lansing? Also, ironically, they've all been out, measured, etc and I still do not have estimates. Thank you for your help/advice!

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where are you located? also, call the respective brands and have them guide you to a dealer/ installer.

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