Bonding ground wire in main service panel

flyhopJune 30, 2013

Shouldn't there be a grounding wire leading from a metal contact of the main breaker box itself (the big grey box that houses the service coming in and all of the smaller breakers) to the neutral/ground buss bar?

When I use a simple light tester and connect one probe the hot terminal of a 15 or 20A breaker and connect the other probe to the neutral/ground buss bar, it lights up. When I move that 2nd probe from the buss bar to the metal box itself, nothing. Shouldn't the box itself be bonded to the buss bars in some fashion? If it were bonded, wouldn't my tester light up?

Thanks in advance.

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Ron Natalie

Why don't you keep it all in the same therad?
There doesn't necessarily need to be a bonding wire. The panels are almost always constructed so that the grounding terminals are electrically connected to the case (though sometimes there may be a provision for removing that bonding, typically a screw or bar).

What did you use to make the connection to the case? The paint and even to some extent the rust will be a reasonable insulator. You need to find some place where you've got bare metal (I typically use the inside of one of the screw holes that previously had the cover screw in it).

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I posted again as I wasn't sure I was asking the right question. Seemed easier to just start over.

I got your post on other. You were right about finding bare metal on box to test on.'s bonded to one of the bussbars.

Thanks again.

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