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nerdyshopperDecember 28, 2010

I am having new vinyl windows installed. From what I have read on building sites, the best caulk for this purpose is urethane caulk. My installers have never heard of it and want to use silicone or latex for paintable interior caulk. I can get Loctite window, door and siding caulk made from urethane at Lowes. Otherwise I can get OSI Quad. I asked if they would use the Loctite and they said they would. Does anyone have an opinion on this? I read that Latex shrinks and eventually cracks. We got some pretty deep scars in our tile sills and plaster surrounds so I want to replace the tiles and use paint once the caulk has cured, to cover them up. Also I noticed some of the facia bricks outside got chipped pretty badly when they were prying out the old metal frames. What would you do to hide this?

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The only exterior caulk we use is OSI Quad. Silicone is OK to use on the inside. If your installer has never heard of OSI Quad, you have made a serious mistake in selecting him.

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OSI quad is our most often selected caulking as well.

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