Alside window condensation

JamesWaymanDecember 12, 2010

I have recently installed Alside ultamaxx windows double pane with argon gas inbetween. Condensation has formed on both bottom and top sashes since the outside temp has dropped. Is this normal? I thought the argon gas was suppose to insulate against this problem.

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Argon gas has nothing to do with it. You likely have a high humidity level in you house and it's possible you are experiecing air infiltration. I would start by contacting the installed and seeing if he can adjust the lock and keeper. I would also draw back any shades and blinds to allow air to circulate. Try this first and post back if that doesn't solve the problem.

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Windows on Washington

That is completely normal depending on the window.

You have cold air that is coming into the home at the meeting rail and mixing with warm/moist conditioned air.

Cold meets warm and moist = condensation.

What Sky suggests is correct. Try to control the humidity and get some circulation around the window.

Let us know how it goes.

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I have mentioned before on this forum that I have 25 Plygem windows. Our house is as tight as a drum meaning that moisture from showers and laundry has no where to go and will somwtimes show as condensation on a window or two especially in cold weather. It helps considerably to use vents in the bathrooms. Another option is to open a couple of windows and inch or so to let out some of the moisture.

BTW, our windows have considerable insulation between the frame and the brick and we have NO draft what so ever.

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