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poppawolfDecember 12, 2010

Newbie here. My Peachtree casement windows are at the end of their useful life. I have been researching window for months to determine what to use as replacements. I�ve looked at windows that are commonly recommended such as Milgard, Gorell, Simonton, and Softlite. There is a company called Vinyl Pro in Manitowoc, Wisconsin where I live that makes vinyl windows. When compared to others based on construction quality and cost, they seem to be the hands down choice. Interestingly I have yet to find them referenced in any forum discussion on windows. Does anyone have any experience with this company? Thanks

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What specifically makes them the hands down choice?

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Very good question, as a Newbie how would you know them to be "the hands down choice"?

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I looked at construction quality. Hardware was stainless steel. The metal on my windows is rusted. Other windows I looked at had a coated steel that was not stainless, at least per the sales person. The standard glass is Cardinal 270 low-e 7/8". Based on forum comment good glass. Three different sealing surfaces/points. The vinyl is extuded there and appears thicker than other windows. A unique feature is the window comes with a storm window that replaces the screen for a little added R value in the Winter. The price was on the low end of what the other manufactures I referenced gave me. Twenty year warranty. Other run $1295 to $1800 for the opening size I specified. Vinyl Pro was $1200 installed. As far a manufacturing experience I'm a Quality Engineer at a nuclear plant. I've spend a significant amount of time in the last 10 year watching replacement items being manufactured for the plants. So that was my judgement bases for my comment. I kinda liked the idea of buying local also. They have been in business for 25 years. Hope that answers your question. Love this forum. Good information. Poppawolf

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What hardware was stainless steel?
What do you mean "coated steel"?
What is the air infiltration rating?
What is the water penetration rating?
What was the design pressure rating?
What had 3 different sealing points? The glass, the frame?
What size and style is the window?
What is the mill thickness of the vinyl?
What type of balance system does the window have?

These are some of the questions I would be asking to determine window quality. BTW most window manufacturers give a transferable lifetime warranty. I'm not saying these windows aren't good windows, they may very well be. Until you know the answer to these questions, you can't know.

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