Barnwood - How to Clean

jk96November 28, 2006

Sorry, I'm sure this question has probably been asked before but can't seem to find anything when searching.

I'm getting ready to install some old barnwood on a wall in our home. I recently salvaged it from a local barn that was going to be burned. I'm trying to find out the best way to clean to get rid of pests, mold, etc. I don't want to bring anything into the home, especially since it's cold out right now and the pests would be dormant. Thanks for any help.


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A good wire brush. Use compressed air or a vaccum cleaner after giving the wood a thourough brushing.

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Thanks for the reply. My main concern was insects such as wood borers etc. My thoughts were to stack it in a room in my shop, spacers beneath each board, and use a fogger to kill any insects that may be inside. Anyone have any other suggestions or think this would work ok. The wood is solid, not rotting, and in good shape.


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If you use a wire brush, you will remove most of the silvery finish on the barnwood.

Does your area freeze? If so, freezing solid for a week should kill any insects and even most eggs. Those critters like to find above freezing spots to overwinter.

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Any insecticide you use needs to penetrate the material, and then be removed.
I am not particulalry scared of chemicals, including insecticides, but would think long and hard about bringing wood fumigated wothout controls and testing back into a house.
Single exposure durng use is one thing, long term exposure in a house is another.

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I'd find a way to heat it, 140 degrees F will kill pretty much anything and drive off any moisture it has.

Build a kiln out of old roofing tin or something like that and make a small fire under it. Keep it out in the open in case the fire gets begger than you plan though ;^)

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I have heard that there is now a machine that cooks the little buggers, especially termites, using microwaves. Maybe something for you to look into.

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