Large glass window wobbles

djohn554December 8, 2010

I have 2 large (~3.5' x ~8') windows on both sides of the fireplace in my new home. The one closest to the door is tempered (required by code). The tempered glass wobbles in the middle of the glass when an exterior door is opened or closed. It is not loose in the frame - it is the middle that wobbles. The normal (plate?) glass does not wobble at all.

Is this a problem with the glass or is this normal for tempered. Builder/window company says it is because it is tempered, but the will replace with normal glass if I want them to.

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Oberon would probably be able to help.

The larger the window, the thicker the glass should be so it does not flex. I have a gauge that I can put on the glass to show me the thickness of each piece of glass and the space in between the two pieces of glass. So that would be the easiest way to tell. But I'm not sure what you can do with the information, other then know that the window manufacturer went cheap on the thickness of glass.

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That is normal.

The window closest to the door is more intimately tied to the framing of the door and therefore will bet more of the vibration energy.

I should not be a problem.

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