How to build a hidden closet

mileleNovember 20, 2011

Hello, here a picture that would really show what I am trying to build.

Can you see the cabinet on the right of the FP? Ok, nobody will be able to see R, L and back of the cabinet. However it has to be nice from the front (door and face frame for the door + top and kicktoe (or panel). How do I build it? The size is not standard: it is 62 max high, 48 wide but 21 max deep. Any idea? I was thinking to build the box and screw on a face frame + doors (may I). However I am not sure how to build the box. Once again R, L and Back I have wall. So, not sure I really need to build a box. I need help with drawing.... Tx in advance

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I am told that the link would be better in a HTLM version but if I use HTLM, the message get rejected.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I think your lack of response is due to the ambiguity of your question. Perhaps when you are further along you might be able to frame it in a way that is more understandable to most of us. What do you mean by "hidden closet"? Maybe get a little more fundamental with your questions.

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Hidden like a hidden bed or a closet behind a book shelf?
Do you mean like the under ground rail road used to hide slave?
If so, there are many books on hidden "spaces" that you can use.
I have no names for you, but I would Google it if I was you.

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The cabinet is pretty far from "hidden," it is a typical storage cabinet with framed panel doors.

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