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laurenwiz5December 28, 2010

I am writing for some advice from the experts that I have read on this site. I have read a lot of information about collapsed windows.....due to migration of Argon from my Andersen windows. We built our retirement home in central Wisconsin in 1993, but began living here in Sept. 2009. We had seen the condensation on our occasional visits before, but did not realize the severity of the problem until we lived here. Last Dec. I contacted Andersen and was delighted with their quick response. They informed me about the problem and acknowledged the problem in my windows. They sent a technician who drilled the windows and they have been good since. Except that they still have a fair amount of condensation - around the edges and mold develops. But mostly, I am concerned about dampness in the wood....especially on my french doors. Even to the extent that on very cold days we have frost developing right on the wood. I'm wondering if anyone else out there has had windows replaced.....what should we do get this taken care of?

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If the condensation is between the 2 panes of glass, you have a seal failure. If it is on the exterior of the glass surface but on the inside of your home, you either have too much humidity in your house or the removal of the argon gas combined with a metal spacer has caused the glass to become cold at the edges and moisture laden air is dropping below it's dew point when it come in contact with the glass.

Bottom line...start saving for either new windows or at the very least glass replacement on those most affected. You could try reducing the humidity in your house and making sure no drapes or blinds are restricting air flow around the windows.

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You will be much more likely to get condensation around the perimeter of the window where the conductivity of the spacer system is more evident.

Do you have an idea as to what the Relative Humidity in the home is? That is what is sounds like the problem is to me with your quick description.

+1 on the rest of Skydawggy's suggestions/observations.

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