Pella installation problem - what to do?

will_outDecember 8, 2012

Just recently had two Pella windows installed - yeah yeah I know, and I'll create another post for why I shouldn't have done that, but for now my issue is:

besides the generally awful installation job, with the last day of rain there is now water seeping in through the bottom left corner of the window. There is a shim placed right in the corner and it looks like the water is wicking through the shim, but it's hard to tell. I suspect the installers basically just screwed the window directly to the buck and foamed without any use of water barriers.

here's a link to a photo:

I have the installer coming next week to fix other problems with the install - what should I demand about this? Does this require the window being totally removed?

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It is tough to tell from the pciture what exactly the issue is but from the descrtpition of how the window was installed he needs to remove the window and install it properly. Print a copy of the installation instructions from Pella and hand them to him or find someone who knows what he is doing to install these windows. Installation is not the most difficult thing to do if the instructions are followed correctly but from your description it sounds like the process was flawed right from the beginning so there really is no choice but to remove and start over. Weather barrier of some sort is essential.

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not that this is the case with you but when i see issues such as this, its usually because the homeowner was looking for the best bargain opposed to looking for the best installer.

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