Floorboard troubles

sawdustcityOctober 7, 2007

I have a laminate floor installed - it is a Dupont, and the color is like a warm oak. The floorboards on my little condo are stained, but the stain is so old that I have used stripper more than once, and the color of the wood looks almost the same as it did before I started. The shoes (those little round strips on the floor next to the floorboards) are bare wood (the originals were missing). I tried to stain the bare shoes wood, but it looks horrible - that, combined with the originally stained floorboards looks like a mishmash of color. The floor doesn't match either the shoes, or the the floorboards. I told a friend that I felt like painting the trim white - he didn't like that idea at all, and said that they make some stuff now where you can paint on polyurethane and it looks like oak - is that true? I would just like to have the floorboards/shoes matching. Another problem is that the bare wood shoes are crummy wood, and don't seem to have much grain. I used an older Minwax product that I had in the basement and it sunk in some areas and didn't on others - Minwax suggested using it on bare wood, so that is what I did. At any rate, everything is a mess. I was reading about Minwas Polyshades - has anyone used it? Does it sound like a good idea. Bottom line: I just want the dang stuff to look nice. Any help would be appreciated!! Thank you! Sorry for being so long-winded.

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I like the results I get with Polyshades, though it easily drips, runs and curtains on non-horizontal surfaces, so it needs a bit of hovering until it firms up.

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I was just about to say you will not find much favor for polyshades on this forum and sure enough the first post was positive so here is my two cents. Sounds like you have tried a few options with no satisfaction yet. So why not try the polyshades? Problem are discussed in the above post. I would suggest not doing but ONE wall at a time so you can keep up with it!!. If you are still not satisfied then your idea of paint may be necessary.

Good luck.

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Quarter round and shoe molding are pretty cheap, even in oak.
I normally consider it disposable and tear it out.
New material is finished on sawhorses before installation.
I use aniline dye, followed by Deft clear wood finish (brushing lacquer).
It dries in as very short time and can be re-coated in about an hour. Put enough coats on to get an even sheen.
Mohawk makes filler sticks to hide the nails.

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