Windows Low e - Want clear windows

Dave_089_JDecember 24, 2012

I just had some low e windows installed. The brand is ply gem and they are vinyl windows.

The problem is the glass is quite dark and has a pronounced green tint. So much so that the room has a muted look with a green tinge. These windows are going back and will have to be redone.

What low e glass is the clearest?

I live in Oregon and although I want a low e glass, the energy efficiency of the windows is not that important. I want the clearest glass available that is low e.

We do not have air conditioning so I would not save on that cost. The weather here rarely gets that hot. However it would be nice to reduce my heating costs with low e glass.

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It depends on which manufacturer your window company uses but as an example if it is Cardinal, you want to choose their low e 180 which has a center of glass visible light transmission of 80% (thus the 80 in the 180). Look for the highest VT and you should be happy.

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Low-e darkness is a direct result of the thickness of the coating. This should have been discussed or properly indicated for your climate but many windows installers don't quite understand the proper selections of low-e for a given climate.

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I will look into the 180 glass and find a product that seems as clear as possible.

Before these windows were installed I never realized that glass would have tints or be darkened. Up to this point we have always had clear glass in our houses.

Thanks for the responses.

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Low-e 180 has a VT rating of 0.80. Clear, double pane glass has a VT of 0.82 - 0.84.

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Yes, Cardinal low e 180 is what you want. It doesn't cast any colored tints, and lets a lot of light through. Used it in our bathroom remodel, love it! I do wish that the higher rated low e had some color cast other than green (maybe a tan) that to me isn't as ugly as a green cast. We have huge windows, and most of the time it is too bright (with our single pane windows).The green cast is there because of the silver crystals that make it do what is supposed to do.

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whoops, I see my response is years too late.

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