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akbudkeDecember 1, 2009

First, let me applogize as I'm sure this must have been addressed on here already. I have searched to no avail.

Replacing all windows in the living room. Presently they are mismatched sizes, some going within a couple inches of the floor, others more of a standard 3 ft height. None of them show off my amazing views. We plan to do 2 full walls of panoramic windows (with breaks for structural support, electrical, ect). I'm thinking of the window sill height being 29" from the floor. Much heigher than that and the view won't be seen while sitting at the dining table or couchs.

My question is will this height look strange when placing furniture up against it? What is the lowest sill height that won't look strange with a couch or chair in front of it?

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In my experience the biggest thing is uniformity. Two things to remember is the codes a window closer than 18 inches to the floor must be tempered, and an window that is closer than 24 inches to the floor and more than 6 inches off the ground level on the outside is supposed to have restrictive opening hardware to prevent children falling out the window. I have run into several codes officers who then have moved the 18 inch height to as high as the 24 inch height for the tempered glass. So what you are describing here meets those requirements

Another thing to consider for safety reasons is as to how close the chairs will be to the windows, especially the dining room furniture. If they are close enough to the windows where they may accidentally fall against the window when being moved, for safety reasons you may want to consider those being tempered.

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