Ceiling Fan Wobble Only on One Speed

michael2121June 10, 2009

Hello! I recently installed a fan (Altus model from Modern Fan) and it is wobbling only on one of the 4 speeds (second to lowest speed). I can't figure out why it's only happening on the second to lowest speed, and on all other speeds it doesn't wobble one bit. Attempting to balance with the included balancing kit only added wobble to other speeds. It's on a 36 in. downrod with a 4 speed wall control. Of course the speed on which it wobbles is the speed I will want to use most. Any ideas? Thanks to anyone who may be able to help!

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Your problem isn't really electrical - it's physics. Resonance, natural frequency, that sort of thing.

Think back to when you were in school, and you and your friends would push each other on the swingset. You'd give a push, and the person would go away, then come back after a set amount of time. If your second push happened to be at the right time, it would add speed/momentum and they'd go higher the second time. If your push was at the wrong time, nothing would happen, and they would slow down.

The same thing is happening with your fan. One blade is off-balance, giving the fan a "push" to the side. The fan then swings back after a certain set amount of time. When it is spinning at the right speed (apparently the speed you want), the pushes line up with the times when it would be swinging the right way, causing it to swing/wobble worse.

On other speeds, the "pushes" do not coincide with the right times for it to swing, so they cancel it out, or at least don't add to it.

It's just off-balance. I believe your attempts to balance it with weights are on the right track.

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Thank you pharkus. I'm going to keep on trying to balance it!

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What happens if a ceiling fan isn't balanced properly? anything?

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"What happens if a ceiling fan isn't balanced properly? anything?"

It wobbles, and if not correctly installed can fall.

It also causes the bearings to wear unevenly, and then they may start making noise.

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Also, check and make sure all of your blades aren't bent in a way there are not supposed to be.

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Dirty blades can also cause wobbling. But since your fan is new, it is a balance issue. Higher quality fans have blades that are weighed at the factory and blades of the same weights (within 1 gram or so, I believe) are kept together. I have had very good luck with Hunter.

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Before attempting to balance, recheck the tightness of the blades to the motor. A loose blade can cause wobble that may be perceived as a balance problem.

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hang a string, use a stick, whatever ... measure from one spot on the ceiling down to a blade tip, move next blade tip into postition to touch the measure.

If one is twisted different or bent up/down.. .they wobble.

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