Built in China Cabinet/Buffet

goodbyekittyOctober 6, 2009

I wasn't sure where to post this but this looks good!

I don't know where to start, but here goes; My husband and I bought a 1975 ranch house a couple of years ago and we're now planning for wood floors through out our hallway, dining room, foyer and living room. Well in our dining room there is this "nook" that measures 4'3" wide by 2'5" deep (ceiling is 7'8"). It looks like it's never been used for any thing at all. There is an outlet.

I got a bright idea and said "hey, that looks like a good place for a buffet, but we really should put it in before we do our wood floors, what'daya think?"

Come to find out stock cabinets do not come in that height or depth. I didn't know (*shrugs shoulders*)! I was really disappointed with the consultant at the major hardware store because I think she made some mistakes in figuring our quote and the layout with their software. We had gone earlier for fun to get a rough estimate on new kitchen cabinets and were really pleased with the layout and her knowledge of the software they used. It was someone different though.

Somewhere on this board I've seen built in buffets that didn't look like stock cabinets were used. So did you have someone custom make them for you? For the price this hardware store consultant gave us I think I'd pay just as much for something custom made. Does $2,600 sound a bit much for stock? I hadn't even started on the lighting and I don't think it even included the granite top. And I don't even think our space for a buffet is all that big! But does that sound right to you for a ball park estimate for the size that we have?

Thanks for your insight. I'd post pics but I need to figure out how. I'd love to do before and after pics.

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Best place to find is a custom cabinet shop. They can make the cabinet any size/style you want.

They can also do the kitchen cabinets---and might even come in for less total money.

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I think you're right about that. Especially for our kitchen, I believe our cabinets are handmade and the base cabinets are very deep. If we go with stock cabinets on those it will change the footprint of our kitchen.

I'd rather keep the base cabinets and maybe just refinish them. They may be hand made but are very simple and plain inside.

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