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have an expensive Monte Carlo ceiling fan - LOVE design. The receiver went stupid - we've learned the fan/motor/receiver have all been discontinued. It has a brushless DC motor with no pull chain, no DIP switch - receiver doesn't have typical capacitor - inside looks like transistor radio. My last ditch effort to preserve the fan - chosen because I love the aesthetics: QUESTION: Can we buy new motor, receiver and completely rewire this fan with different available parts? It's only 4 years old - the model is "Van Buren".. Thanks.

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Not sure I can answer your question as you'll have to worry about the size of the fan, the heat generated (the one in the fan is a DC motor from what I can tell), etc.

However, one thing I did see is that the fan is listed with a limited lifetime warranty. What does Monte Carlo customer service tell you? Are you the original owner?

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Can you replace the control and receiver with another brand or model from Monte Carlo?

Or a third-party control

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Monte Carlo Fans hasn't offered any help - just say 'it's discontinued, as is the receiver and motor'. The warranty has a clause that motor would only be covered if purchased from authorized M.C. fan dealer - I bought it from Smart Bargains. The fan was whisper-quiet when it was operating - never wobbled, etc. 2 different vendors who sell fan parts advised against doing a 'frankenfan' but I are persistent and don't want to give up on making it operable again. I don't need 6 fan speeds and reverse - low and medium would be fine - we've never used the fan in winter/reverse. The light fixture still works. wondered if anyone has had luck completely replacing the working part of a fan with different replacement parts.

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Ugh! I hate warranties like that. You either stand behind your product or you don't.

I have no experience with swapping in different motors. You'd have to worry about overload protection (part of the motor? part of some other component?), heat generation, etc.

You might consider another fan and then swapping in the MC fan blades, etc. that you want to keep?

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