What is luan?

catherinetOctober 17, 2005


I'm insulating my chicken coop, and have been doing it in stages, since I'm not very good at this. After I get the insulation between the studs, I cover the area with thin plywood. I bought another sheet of it and used it, but now realize, from it's pinkness that it must be that luan stuff. How is luan different from 1/4" plywood? Thanks.

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luan is a type of wood, plywood is a type of wood panel, made up of plys or layers of thin wood veneer, glued togather with the grain running across the preceeding layer. Typically luan is made as plywood. Luan is an inexpensive alternative to pine or fir plywood. This is inside correct? Ive not seen luan with exterior glue, made be made but ive not seen it.

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Most of the luan I've seen or used isn't plywood, in the strictest sense. As Tom said, plywood is made from multiple layers of thin sheets of wood pressed and glued together with the grain alternating direction. This gives plywood its strength. Luan typically has a solid core material sandwiched between two layers of veneer. I believe the veneer is some species of low grade mahogany. Luan is typically used in interior applications, such as an underlayment for vinyl flooring. It's also used to make hollow core interior doors.

I'm not sure what the core material is. I suspect it is some kind of compressed wood fiber material. I also do not know if the glue is rated for exterior use.

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Actually spelled luaun, it is like mahogany in grain and look.

Luaun is often used for thin plywood---1/8" and 1/4".

The link below has an explanation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Philippine Mahogany

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Thanks everyone,
Yes, it is for inside use. I bought the first thing I saw that was cheap and looked like plywood. When I got it home, I realized it was really pink and seemed to not be as strong as the other 1/4" plywood that I had bought. It's just to keep the chickens from pecking at the styrofoam insulation, so I guess it will do. The color Pink just looks a little weird in a dirty chicken coop. hahaha Thanks again!

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