Condensation on Windows!!

lostinitDecember 9, 2009

Recently we had a unusual dip in temps to well below freezing about 10-15 degrees F at night. The next day my wife noticed condensation when opening the windows. It seems to occur on the bottom frame with some noticable freezing and there seems to be more condensation on the windows with aluminum or metal framing. The plastic or vinyl or fiberglass(Not sure exactly the materials) seem to have only a bit of condensation.

Why is this happening? Is it simply a humidity issue in the home? Is it just a given this will happen since the temp difference is over 50 degrees warmer indoors? Or is it because the aluminum/metal framing creates a type of conductor for cold air? I keep thinking it's the latter mostly because this is happening on the windows with metal frames and the fact that there is such a significant difference between warm and cold temps. I also observed NO..NO condensation whatsover on the the front door window, which could also point to solid insulation from the outside.

My main concern here is this is happening on windows that do not have a weep hole and in particular this is on one window that is a very thin double pane aluminum frame that that is surrounded by drywall.

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There have been plenty of answers to this question on other postings in this forum. Please check out the link below to the other postings. It should answer your questions.

Here is a link that might be useful: condensation

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A simple answer is to affirm your second question; it is a humidity issue inside the home. A quick fix is to turn on your ceiling fan/s (if available) and simply circulate the air inside your home.

The reason you see amounts of condensation differ between window types can be associated to the following. One type of window is keeping the moist air from escaping better than the other. Also, the metal windows conduct the cold by acting as a thermal bridge between the exterior and interior, thus condensating more than vinyl, and even moreso than your solid wood door w/ glass.

A permanent solution for your problem is to install an air exchanger in your home. This device helps circulate the interior air. Another fix is to refrain from closing drapes or shades that cover the windows. Also, the fan use as noted above. You can install the greatest window in the business, but the windows will still be the coldest spots on your walls, and the warm humid air will still be attracted to them. Your solution is simply to control the humid air within the home.

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I don't have ceiling fans. I live in a small house(Rambler) about 1556 sq feet. I would want to avoid buying a standing dehumidifer as it would be a bit unsightly not to mention a pain to maintain. I would not mind installing a whole house dehumidifer but unfortunately I do not have a cent to spare for such a project. Right now my only option is to clean up the condensation on the windows with the problem.

But I would definately have invested in a dehumidifer and maybe even a newer more efficient furnace, better siding and insulation as well.

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open you blinds, create airflow, and keep your relitave humidity under 30%... if that doesnt work you may have thermal conduction issues...

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