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wccarrollJune 29, 2011

Today my dad and I got started on a fan for my bathroom. It turned into a long project and we finally got to the wiring but couldn't get it to work. So I had a single switch to my bathroom light. We added a fan/light with a second switch dual pole. We got the light to work again but whenever we flip the second switch to the fan, it kicked the breaker off. When connected straight from fan to power it works perfectly. However when connected through the switch that is when fan kicks breaker every time. Please help give me ideas. I only know the basics of circuits, this house was built in the fifties and it is hard for me to grasp what is going wrong. If you need more info just ask. Thank you

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Here is what you need to do.
Power in to switch one and switch two
power out of both switches on their own lines to the light and the fan respectively.
Neutral goes directly to the fan/light.
You need a 3 wire w/ground between the switches and the fan/light.

Tell us what wires you have now and where they go.

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