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ss45June 22, 2012

I'm building a tiny house and I know next to nothing about electrical wiring. I'm looking for resources to help me with my tiny house.

More specifically, the only source of power being run to the tiny house is an electrical inlet appropriate for an extension cord. The tiny house is not a full "house" as it doesn't have any major appliances.

I'm trying to identifiy the following:

- Locate a diagram for wiring an inlet

- Learn how much power I can get from the use of an inlet and extension cord

- Pick up any tips you may have

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Ron Natalie

Feeding a house with an extension cord is not legal, regardless of it's size.
You can not run even a legal tiny residence on the amount of current you're going to get from an extension cord.

Where is this house going to be located and where are you going to plug in the extension cord?

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If you know next to nothing about electrical wiring, then you shouldn't be doing the work. Mistakes with electrical wiring can have catastrophic and even deadly consequences.

What do you mean by a "tiny house?" Is this actual living space or something like a child's playhouse? If it is going to be living space, a whole bunch of building codes come into play beyond the electric code.

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What do you mean by a "tiny house?"

I think he means it is what would be considered a homemade RV.

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"What do you mean by a "tiny house?"

"I think he means it is what would be considered a homemade RV."


I agree with dennisgli's reply - without any further input from the OP. There has been a very big "Tiny House" movement going on now for the last few years.

Most are built on a trailer chassis to preclude the need to have permits & inspections and are really about what most of these builders consider to be independence, creativity, and a minimalist approach to living.

I have been to events that include displays of "Tiny Homes" and they're really quite impressive. Google "Tiny Homes" or "Tiny Homes on Wheels" and look at some of them.

So, if this is the type of Tiny Home the OP is looking at, there are dozens of websites and books dedicated to this that he can search. Parts for the electrical inlet can be found through most RV suppliers.

Of course, just because it does not need to permitted and inspected, does not mean the installation of these RV type power connections and subsequent wiring should not be done to commonly accepted industry standards.

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